Bad Ice Cream 3 Game Online : Best Websites to Play the game

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Bad Ice Cream 3 is the third edition of the game series bad ice cream and now it is one of the most popular maze game. Bad ice cream 3 and all its game series really help you to relax after your hectic routine. Whether you are tired of hard work, study or anything, bad ice cream 3 will help you to relax your mind.Bad ice cream 3 can be played fromĀ

Modes of Bad Ice Cream 3:

In the game bad ice cream 3, you can choose flavor according to your choice to play the game. There are a lot of flavors available for example Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Sorbet, Bubblegum, Smoky Bacon, Licorice, or Mint-Choc-Chip. In the game bad ice cream 3, you can play alone, with your friends and family because the game has a 1-player mode, 2 player mode and also 4-player mode.

Game interface:

Bad ice cream 3 become so much popular because it has a great interface design, lively music, exciting challenges at different levels for players. There are total 40 levels to finish the game and at each level, there are different levels for players to complete and proceed to the next level. In the start level, the missions are very easy to complete and cannot trouble you much. You can easily pass the levels till 25, after 25 levels, you will face a lot of difficulties and the plating speed will speed up as well.

Bad Ice Cream 3

How to play Bad Ice Cream 3:

In this game, you have to run or more and by using the skills you need to break the ices that come in your way. There is a horizontal bar on the bottom of the screen which shows the fruits and food you need to collect to complete the level. While running and moving, try to collect fruits and food on the screen. You can collect the fruits and food on each level by approaching them first, and then touch them to collect.

In each level, you have to face different opponents that you have to defeat to progress further. Opponents include predators, monsters that are wandering in the maze and you have to defeat them by creating a stone fence which will help you protect yourself or break the fence to kill them. If you touch them, you will die.

Walkthrough of Bad Ice Cream 3

  • To move the ice cream, use the arrow keys to move up, down, o left or to right. By doing this, the ice cream can collect the food and fruits and try to avoid the impediments and monsters. You have to complete the mission in each level to go through the next level.
  • Use the space bar to break or create the ice rocks

Now go and play the game. Have Fun!